Ava Clay Professional Graphic Designer


My name is Ava Clay and I am simply passionate about Graphic Design and the business of offering my creative services to clients

all over the world.


Not only do I offer effective and innovative promotional material for both small and large businesses & corporations, but I also encourage and facilitate an open communication process necessary in order to develop my clients ideas and visions into reality.


I always knew I would be an artist from the very first time I saw my Father painting in his studio. I could smell the oil paint, see the brilliant colours and feel his passion and energy. I never wanted to be anything other than creative when I grew up. 


After completing my post-secondary education in Advertising and Design, my journey began along the path towards becoming a successful Professional Graphic Designer.


Now, with over 30 years of experience from many different sources of employment and training programs, I continue to offer my clients a wide range of quality graphic design services.